Why the Right is Right Part 3: Gun Rights

States, townships and municipalities should be prohibited from making ANY law that obstructs and or outright bans people from arming themselves and having the right to conceal their firearm and carry it in public as this is illegal. Case in point, in 2015 Chicago put a complete ban on the purchasing of firearms and began confiscating the firearms of people. A federal judge ruled it unconstitutional.

We Have A Problem, But It’s Not The Guns

Guns don’t kill people. People who have the guns do and many of these people who have guns either have underlying issues or have unlicensed weapons. All people should be able to have guns, excluding minors, emotionally impaired and insane persons. According to the NRA, numerous studies conducted by the federal government show that criminals are not getting their guns from legal markets. Most of the criminals are getting the guns from cartels like the ones in Sinaloa and Culiacán that are smuggling them across the border. Instead of disarming people who are trying to protect themselves, their families, and their property, law enforcement should be targeting the cartels. Donald Trump said it better than I could and he said to President Nieto of Mexico, ¨If the Mexican Army cannot handle the cartels, I will send U.S. Army Troops and handle it myself.”

The five most heavily armed states (and one district) in order are Wyoming, District of Columbia, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Virginia. According to World Atlas, the state of Wyoming ranks 48th in the nation on violent crime. Eureka! Maybe this is because criminals know that people in Wyoming have guns and can defend themselves. Imagine you are a criminal, would you rather mug someone in a neighborhood where everyone carries concealed weapons and pepper spray or would you rather mug someone in a neighborhood where the local government is disarming people? Also, when was the last time you heard of a violent crime or mass shooting in one of those states?

What Leftists and Their Sources Say

Liberals and Leftists that disagree with me say that the solution to crime is not to arm the people but rather to increase police and government presence. The problem with that is the increased power to police and government is that it will lead to one of three possible outcomes.

  1. An authoritarian government; 2. Mob rule which will lead the mob to put one person forth leading to tyranny 3. The high costs of enforcing these laws will cause economic collapse.

According to Hillary Clinton, “We cannot let a minority of people—and that’s what it is, it is a minority of people—hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people.”

What she said can easily be dismantled. Yes, Sandy Hook and Columbine were horrible events. However, just recently a concealed carrier stopped a would-be school shooter at a community college and another concealed carrier stopped a would-be terrorist from causing a massacre at a nightclub. There are numerous examples of similar incidents but the bias liberal media won’t show you that.

What Guns Rights Activists Say

It’s often been said, “Violence never solved anything.” The simple truth is that when you are slammed up against the wall and the knife is at your throat, when a circle of teenagers is kicking you as you curl into a ball on the sidewalk, or when a man walks into your office building or school with an automatic weapon and starts shooting, only violence, or the reasonable threat of violence, is going to save your life.  Rory Miller is accurate when he said, “In the extreme moment, only force can stop force.” It takes an equal amount of force to stop force.  When I was assaulted in seventh grade, it took force to injure my attacker.

Other quotes that I agree with include:

“Gun control means control. It means control for the government and the government starts controlling the people.¨ Luke Scott

¨If you took away all the guns from legal gun owners then the only people who have guns would be the bad guys.¨ Bruce Willis

Finally, guns are not the problem the choking restrictions on them are. If all states were like Wyoming, with the high number of registered gun owners, then maybe Chicago would not be compared to Iraq (Chi-raq).


Author: Real News

I am a conservatarian from Illinois.

2 thoughts on “Why the Right is Right Part 3: Gun Rights”

  1. Hi, Kwama! I’m sorry it took me a week to read and respond to this post!

    You are getting more and more strategic with your persuasive devices and voice! I see three awesome strengths in this post: 1) backing your claim with relevant research as well as using both direct and indirect quotes from your research, 2) connecting to the reader by offering a scenario for the reader to consider, and 3) taking a look at counter-claims!

    Examining your counter-claim more closely, I would say that your refutations are not as strong. First, you’re assuming that an increase in the “presence” of police and government will lead to an abuse of power. Secondly, you offered three possible effects of an increase of police/government presence, but there are no statistics or examples to back these claims. If you have time, I’d love to see your research on this and read more of your thoughts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Mrs. Catanus, thank you for responding, I was not assuming that taking the guns away would lead to tyranny, I know it does. It has been proven through history that after a mass shooting or disaster the government tells people that guns are evil and if they turn in their guns they will be protected, they use fear to disarm people. Many dictators like Hitler, Stalin, etc disarms the populous before they did what they did.
      Sincerely, Real News


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